Saturday, July 3, 2010

28 week update

How far along: 28w, 1d

Best of the week: Mom & Dad visiting
Worst of the week: the heat in the house
Symptoms: swollen feet, fatigue, leaking, reflux, crankiness

All About Amelia
New developments: None to report
Movement: much less active (probable growth spurt)
Position: easily moving between side-to-side and up-and-down
Last weight: 1 lb, 10 oz (taken 6/7) - according to growth charts, she should be over 2 lbs now
Growth developments: brain developing, eyes opening and shutting as a reflex
Last heart rate: 157 bpm (taken 6/9)

Mamacita's Details
Weight: -6 from pre-pregnancy weight (no change)
Cravings: root beer
Fundal height: 22.5 cm (taken 6/9)
What I Miss: Chris
Sleep: 5-6 hrs at night with 1 nap.  MUCH better with my new body pillow chris got!
Clothes of the week: Tank top + skirt
Music of the week: None
Big news this week: USA out of World Cup, bear attack @ the Gorge

Coming Soon...
What I'm looking forward to: dr's appt on 7/8, cooler weather
Next on the medical horizon: lab results
Dates: Dr appt: 7/8, Ultrasound: 7/28, Chris home: ~9/20, Due date: 9/24

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