Friday, July 30, 2010

32 wk update

How far along: 32w

Best of the week: my mom is here, done with grad school
Worst of the week: missing chris
Symptoms: fatigue, leaking, reflux, no sleep at night

All About Amelia
Movement: super duper active, especially when i'm lying down
Position: still moving around, but less room to do so, mostly head down and/or in my ribs
Last weight: 4lbs, 6 oz (taken 7/29)
Growth developments: fine-tuning central nervous system, genitals, teeth, and eyes
Last heart rate: 136 bpm (taken 7/29)

Mamacita's Details
Weight: -6.5 from pre-pregnancy weight (STILL no change!)
Cravings: chocolate, water
Fundal height: 32 cm (taken 7/29)
What I Miss: a full night's sleep
Sleep: 4-5 hrs at night with one 1 hr nap.  
Been researching: cloth diapering, non-stress tests
Big news this week: Pitino on the stand, Wikileaks

Coming Soon...
What I'm looking forward to: Brett arriving Saturday, continued nesting
Next on the medical horizon: non-stress tests 2x/wk
Dates: Dr appt: 8/11, Chris home: ~9/20, Due date: 9/24

Amelia got a wonderful report at the 32wk appt.  She is 68%ile for weight, which greatly pleased the doctor. All of her measurements are on track and even a bit ahead.  I am now going to be seeing the doctor every two weeks.

At the ultrasound, she had much less room to move around, but was still a little squirrelly.  There was no evidence of fluids near the cervix, which is very good.  We saw all her major parts, including her femur, heart, brain, and profile.  She was playing with her feet and also had her arms above her head.

My report was not as good, but still okay.  I have still not gained any weight, but as long as she is growing, they are not super worried about it.  My BP was the highest it's ever been (140/96 and 133/96), so they are displeased with that.  I am currently doing another 24hr urinalysis to check for protein spillage.  The doctor ordered non-stress tests done every Tues & Fri, so I will start with those today.

I have finished grad school, so all I have left to do now is get ready for baby.  What a relief!

(pictures forthcoming)

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Maria said...

Yay for Amelia packin on that weight!!!

Mark and I have said that we'll probably do cloth diapering. We have several friends who are using them.