Saturday, August 7, 2010

33 wk update

How far along: 33w, 1d

Best of the week: mom/brett here, getting to know a new neighbor
Worst of the week: mom/bert leaving
Symptoms: severe headache, abdominal "issues", fatigue, leaking, reflux, no sleep at night

All About Amelia
Movement: active late at night and early in the morning
Position: still able to move, but much less so.  mainly head down.
Last weight: 4lbs, 6 oz (taken 7/29)
Growth developments: skeleton hardening
Last heart rate: 140ish bpm (taken 8/5)

Mamacita's Details
Weight: -6.5 from pre-pregnancy weight (STILL no change!) (taken 7/29)
Cravings: water, cinnamon
Fundal height: 32 cm (taken 7/29)
What I Miss: a full night's sleep
Sleep: 4-5 hrs at night with one 1 hr nap.  
Been researching: getting into a newborn routine
Big news this week: Kagan sworn in, oil spill stopped

Coming Soon...
What I'm looking forward to: naps
Next on the medical horizon: 34 wk appt on Weds
Dates: Dr appt: 8/11, Chris home: ~9/18, Due date: 9/24

My first non-stress test (NST) last Friday resulted in good news.  My scores were good enough that I didn't have to go at all this week.  I still might have to start them, based upon my next dr report.  Amelia got the hiccups during it, but looked very good.  During the ultrasound, she was holding her feet.

After mom and Brett left on Thurs afternoon, I was headed to breastfeeding class at the hospital, but decided to stop into Labor & Delivery to get my headache and abdominal issues checked out.  I haven't had a headache the entire time and had had this one for 48 hrs (Tylenol was no help).

They hooked me up to a monitor, did a pee test, etc. and I laid there forever.  During the nurses' shift change, the new nurse asked me how long I had been having contractions.  I said "I'm not having contractions."  She informed me that I was and to look at this line on the monitor.  They were averaging 3 mins.  After promptly freaking out, she sent the doctor in.  (I simply cannot have this baby yet!)  He explained that they didn't think they were contractions leading to labor and a baby, but they were going to monitor for awhile to make sure.

I told him that if I told Chris the "C" word, he would jump in the ocean and swim here from Iraq.  He assured me I would not have the baby that night.  After 3.5 total hours of monitoring, they decided to send me home because the contractions were irregular enough that they weren't worried about them (10 mins apart, then 1 min apart, then 7 mins apart).  They could continue for the next 6 wks (and I hope they do!).  

As for my headaches, he told me to take 3 Tylenol 3x per day and up fluids.  So far, in 2 days, this has not helped anything.  I can't wait to go to the dr on Weds.  I had been feeling period-like cramping for awhile, but always thought it was gas or the baby moving around in an annoying way. So now, I am staying put at home as much as possible and drinking water til my bladder falls out.  

Sigh.  I just want my husband here!

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