Tuesday, August 10, 2010

cloth diapering (LONG)

due to my super thrifty nature, deciding to cloth diaper (CD) was pretty much a no-brainer.  not only does it save money, it reduces waste, rashes, and saves energy.  we have decided to use disposables until her stump falls off/in case of emergency.

i have done extensive research regarding the various types of cloth diapers, including utilizing the expertise of several other mommy-friends who CD.  it is a very confusing world at first, but i feel confident in my choice.  thankfully, there is a CD store in C.Springs, so i have also been able to use the knowledge of Dani, the owner.  there are tons of types out there to fit every lifestyle.

how many you need (and thusly, how much you spend) depends upon the type of CD you select and how often you plan to launder.  newborns typically go through 10-12 changes per day, so if you plan to wash every 3 days, that's 30-36 diapers.

with some diapers, you just buy the diaper and you're done.  with other ones, you have to purchase several pieces to complete the set.  in addition, there are "one size" ones (which i find to be a crock, but that's me), two size, 4-5 sizes, etc.  (that is the most basic explanation...i could talk all day about it)

i plan to keep a running tally of my expenditures to show the difference, as well as check in on our progress.  i plan to construct (or have my neighbor's husband construct) a simple clothesline in the backyard to take advantage of colorado's year-round sunshine.  that will also save on dryer costs.

we have decided to use thirsties duo wraps (pictured below) aplix with prefolds/snappis.  (we will use snaps for sz 2.)  i also plan to purchase some thirsties fab fitteds for overnight/to see how i like them.  i liked these the best because of their leg gussets, local manufacturer (in CO), velcro guarantee, and price.  we will need 4-6 sz 1 covers, 24-36 prefolds, ~3-6 fitteds, and 2 infant snappis.  we have a registry on BabyCottonBottoms for our needs, but everything there is full price...but new.

due to my aforementioned cheap self, i went in search of internet deals.  i am pleased to report i have found some great prices out there on barely used fluff!

here are the sites i peruse most often to stalk/purchase:
BabyCenter's Cloth Diaper Swap (must have an acct to use) LIKE it.
BabyCottonBottoms (C.Springs diaper store)
DiaperSwappers.com's Forums (esp. the cover forum) LOVE it.
Hyena Cart Spot's Corner (although prices are a bit high)

and my running tally:

Full Price
My Price
Duo Wrap (Lavender)
Duo Wrap (Meadow)
Duo Wrap (Rose)
Duo Wrap (Honeydew) x2


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