Friday, August 20, 2010

35 wk update

**Got a new camera.  Once I figure out how to use it, I will post copious belly and nursery pics!**
How far along: 35w

Best of the week: getting an subscription from Eric (only the best thing ever for a 9 months pregnant baseball fan who normally only gets the Rockies games!)
Worst of the week: continued headache
Symptoms: severe headache, gastro "issues", fatigue, leaking, reflux, swelling

All About Amelia
Movement: has a routine: early morning, after every mealtime, at bedtime; hiccups after every mealtime
Position: head down for 10 days now
Last weight: 4lbs, 6 oz (taken 7/29) - should be over 5 lbs according to growth charts
Growth developments: liver producing waste, all parts developed - now just growing
Last heart rate: ranging from 140s-155 bpm (taken 8/19)

Mamacita's Details
Weight: -4 from pre-pregnancy weight (GAINED 2.5 lbs!) (taken 8/11)
Cravings: water, cinnamon, chocolate
Fundal height: 34 cm (taken 8/11)
What I Miss: Chris
Sleep: 6-7 hrs at night with one 1 hr nap.  
Been researching: breastfeeding tips
What I purchased this week: diaper bag, cloth diapers from online swapsBig news this week: egg recall, war "over"*, Brett heading to college

Coming Soon...
What I'm looking forward to: watching the Reds in the pennant race, getting my clothesline set up
Next on the medical horizon: NSTs, regular (to me) urine/bloodwork
Dates: Dr appt: 9/2, Thorough ultrasound: 9/2, Chris home: ~9/18, Due date: 9/24

My blood pressure remains high, but routinely high.  I get regular urine/bloodwork to make sure I have not developed preeclampsia.  I'm finding it's harder to get around these days.  Whereas I used to be able to run 5-6 errands in a row, now I am only able to hit 1-2 stores before I come home to nap.

The headache is still there - 17 days now.  In the last two weeks, a new dr has put me on a tylenol/caffeine/barbiturate pill and percocet.  I only took the percocet for 24 hrs because I did NOT like how I felt on it.  So I've been self-medicating with sleep, sweet tea, and 120 oz of water per day.

I recently switched from the North Clinic back down to the main hospital.  It was fun getting out of the house at first, but the 40 min drive got to be too much.  However, that meant I had to leave my wonderful doctor.  The doctor I've been seeing now is the one who has put me on all these different medications and I am not fond of him.  He never sits down during appts, makes too many jokes, and isn't very thorough.  I was used to my old dr asking about new symptoms, talking about what was coming up, etc.  Yesterday, this dr didn't even weigh or measure me.  Needless to say, I'm switching doctors.  I doubt if he'll notice.

I continue to get non-stress tests (NST) every Mon & Thurs and an ultrasound to look at amniotic fluid levels every Thurs.  I am hooked up to a fetal monitor and contraction monitor, as well as blood pressure cuff.  I get a Jeopardy button to push whenever she moves.  They monitor Amelia's heart rate vs her movement vs my heart rate to see if she's being affected by my blood pressure.  So far, so good.  

Other than that, I am in a lull phase.  I hope to be like that until Chris gets home.  Although, the thought of being in this state for another month seems just...*whew*

*Many this week saw the proclamation that the last combat brigade has left Iraq.  This caused many to falsely believe this meant the war in Iraq was over.  This is not true.  The "drawdown" is less than half of the total troops in Iraq and there are still 50,000 there now.  Many brigades have been simply relabeled as non-combat, which is misleading.  Those left are not paper-pushers, weak, or out of harm's way.  This is not a partisan issue, but rather, an Army PR issue.  Please do your research before believing the media.


Jennifer said...

I need pictures of the nursery!!! I am dying out here! :)

Thanks for the * about the war. I have been frustrated seeing tweets that say things like "the war is over!" etc... I dont even know why we trust anything with the media/politics at all!

Love you E (and baby too!)

The Tabbs said...

I'm loving all the new updated posts but dang pregnancy seems time consuming! All these tests and monitors and bloodwork :( So sorry your headache is still there!