Monday, August 9, 2010

ache of the head

(since i've finished grad school, am not expecting any more visitors, and have nested nearly the entire house,  i expect my blogging to pick up a lot.)

the last 6 days, i have had a severe headache on top of my head.  sometimes when i move my head to the side, it feels like my brain moves.  i haven't really had a headache my entire pregnancy.

at first, i tried to self-medicate with sleep, water, caffeine, rest, etc.  on thurs, i went into L&D to get it checked out.  they told me to take 9 tylenol per day and up my water intake to 120oz (yes, i am a pee machine, now).  i did that all wknd, but the headache persisted.

i went back today and got all hooked up again.  still having a few contractions, but everything checked out ok.  they put me on a pill called either esgic or fioricet.  it's a combo of tylenol, caffeine, and a barbiturate called butalbital.  so far, it has not helped at all.  the pharmacist said i would either be manic with the caffeine or loopy with the sedative.  my body went with loopy, as i zoned out all night and had heavy legs (no using the bailer for me).

one frustrating thing is that one of the nurses said "oh you're probably just dehydrated."  dude - fish could swim in my pee, it's so clear.  i've been drinking 120oz a day since thurs and wasn't slacking before that.  it's frustrating when you know something is wrong and medical professionals just laugh it off as a simple solution.  another thing...after lying in the same position for 2 hours, my BP went down. so another nurse said "oh you don't have BP problems.  look how low it is."  no kidding...

they ordered another 24 hr urine test tomorrow to check for protein and i have my 34 wk appt on weds.  dear lordy please let this headache stop.  i'm starting to feel like a true pregnant now: slow, achy, and tired.

anyone out there have other suggestions?  (team med?)


Jennifer said...

Team Med is here and I am baffled. I have read and re-read your post over and over and even just pulled out a textbook. That nurse is goofy, you don't even have to be on team med to know that you are not dehydrated if you are drinking that much water and peeing with any regularity.

Have they done a blood test to check your hormone levels?? To me it sounds like some sort of hormonal imbalance.

I am familiar with both of those medicines, those are usually prescribed to someone with a tension type headache that could be brought on by pinched nerves or even sleeping on your neck funny. But I would think they would at least help alleviate some of your pain?! So odd. I would ask about the possibility of your hormones being jacked up.

Love you, feel better!

Oh and PS- you nearly gave me a heart attack with your last post on you having contractions. Lay low for these next couple of weeks!

E. Hurst said...

lol. i nearly had a heart attack myself when she said that.

yes, they do blood and pee every time i see them, but no abnormalities. i was surprised when i read about the medicine b/c i don't think it's a migraine or tension related.

the only thing it's done is make me feel super duper relaxed and high.

ps-some of the l&d nurses are downright weird.

Jennifer said...

Well at least it makes you relaxed. If they keep going they will probably order a head CT, sounds like they have exhausted every other option. Keep me posted! I'm curious what they find out.

Ha about the l&d nurses! If you ask me, most hospital nurses are odd. Which is why I don't see myself in a hospital setting. Ahhh, the joys of odd nurses!

The Tabbs said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. The thing about your brain moving is kinda freaky. Not that that helps you in any way, I just feel bad for you.