Friday, July 9, 2010

29 wk update

How far along: 29w

Best of the week: cool weather, passing all my labs
Worst of the week: missing my parents
Symptoms: fatigue, leaking, reflux, charley horses

All About Amelia
New developments: None to report
Movement: super duper active
Position: easily moving between side-to-side and up-and-down
Last weight: 1 lb, 10 oz (taken 6/7) - according to growth charts, she should be over 2.5 lbs now
Growth developments: brain, lungs, and muscles developing
Last heart rate: 143 bpm (taken 7/8)

Mamacita's Details
Weight: -6 from pre-pregnancy weight (STILL no change!)
Cravings: chocolate, water
Fundal height: 29 cm (taken 7/8)
What I Miss: having plans with people
Sleep: 6-7 hrs at night with one 1-1.5 hr nap.  
Been researching: cloth diapering, induction rates with high blood pressure
Big news this week: Lebron as egomaniac, Russian spies caught

Coming Soon...
What I'm looking forward to: nesting
Next on the medical horizon: monitoring
Dates: Dr appt: 7/28, Ultrasound: 7/28, Chris home: ~9/20, Due date: 9/24

My 28 wk appt went pretty well.  Doctor was pleased to see I passed my glucose tolerance test, CBC, and urinalysis.  My proteins were higher, as was my blood pressure, so he's carefully monitoring both.  I have still not gained any weight, which he was displeased about.  All of baby's growth is on track, though.  I will now be seeing him every 3 weeks.


Rach and Rob said...

Hey Em! I am glad that little Amelia is developing well :) As a side note-I am so over Lebron and his lack of speaking skills. Also-heard UK has the number one recruiting class for next year?!

E. Hurst said...

Thanks, Rach!

Lebron and John Wall needed to stay in school for public speaking classes! They slay me.

The Tabbs said...

So glad to see some updates!

Rach and Rob said...

Hahaa I know! It was amusing hearing them speak. ;) Actually I think I turned the tv on mute as it was pretty painful to hear. Maybe they can have a personal life/PR coach on the side while they play ball.

Also, are you going to keep teaching? I am taking a 3.5 month leave from work and then finishing out the year. What are your plans? I am pretty nervous about working and be a mommy...lemme know your thoughts. Love to you and Amelia!

E. Hurst said...

Well, actually, there is a hiring freeze in the state of CO (both last year and this year) so getting a job has been next to impossible. Not to mention that last summer, a bunch of soldiers (and their families) moved from Ft Hood and they took most of the teaching jobs.

So, I didn't teach last year, started/finished my Master's, and am just trusting my path. If I am meant to have a job this year, I will. If not, then I will get to go home T'giving-New Year.

I have thought about working part-time at a library or as a 1/2 day K teacher, but am really just trusting that what should happen, will.

So you are taking all of fall term or some fall and some winter?

E. Hurst said...

PS-Rebecca, every time you update your blog, I think you will say you are pregnant.