Wednesday, December 15, 2010


amelia will NOT take a bottle. 

i could use a break from her every once in a while, so my parents and i have been trying to get her to take a bottle of my expressed milk.  i know she's capable of it b/c we had to use (expressed milk) bottles to augment her feedings when she had jaundice.  she had nipple confusion after that, so i've held off on bottles until now.

she WILL take her pacifier with no trouble, but won't even take the same brand of bottle.

here is what we have tried so far:
  • changing temperatures
  • changing personnel (me, mom, dad)
  • changing rooms
  • changing positions
  • changing type of milk (freshly tapped, refrigerated & bottle warmer, frozen)
  • changing when she gets it (hungry, 1/2 full, full, when playing, when sleepy)
  • changing types of bottles
    • medela, playtex (slow & fast), breastflow, soothie
she will scream like we are cutting her arms off.  she'll take the breast with no issues.
i've heard to try nuk bottles. 

it's ridiculous that people have to rush out and purchase all these types of bottles to try and find the one that works.  they should have a system (similar to ones with cloth diapers) where you can pay to try out 10 different bottle types, then get some partial store credit back when you return them.

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