Tuesday, January 4, 2011

15 weeks

weight: 15 lbs, 12 oz
height: 24 2/3 inches

teething - drooling, crankiness, tugging on ear, decreasing feedings
hands in mouth
attempting to roll hips to side (when on back)

this week, i took amelia to the pediatrician in lexington.  we saw dr wilkes and i really liked him.  she still has a yeast diaper rash - 8 weeks now - and we were re-prescribed nystatin cream again.  i've tried this cream before, as well as active yogurt, oral nystatin, bleaching my diapers, and airing out, but nothing has gotten rid of this annoying issue.  i asked dr. wilkes to check her mouth for thrush and he announced that she was teething!  i didn't get any teeth until 12 months, so this is pretty surprising.  he said it's hereditary, so i'm guessing chris got his teeth early.

amelia is loving her jumperoo that papaw bill got her for christmas.  she'll be in it for 10-15 minutes at a time.  she's also loving playing with a musical snail.  i've taught her how to hit it to activate the music and she loves looking in its mirror or watching the blinking lights.  her favorite thing ever, though, is bathtime.  she will splash and splash.  i can't wait until chris is able to take her to the pool this summer.  they will enjoy being water babies together.  (i don't know how to swim, but love to bob around.)

during the wedding this past weekend, she slept a LOT and ate very little.  this week, she's back to 30-45 minute naps, but still is showing a decrease in feedings.  all i can do is offer to her and she has to do the rest.  dr. wilkes said she is likely to show a decrease due to gum pain.

we are anticipating chris' return in the next few months.  he's been expressing some reservations about reintegrating within our new family, but i really think our track record shows that we will be able to get things under control fairly quickly.  i look forward to getting him in the loop and getting me out of the house more :)

this week, she's been vocalizing some consonant sounds, especially "ma" and "ba".  she's very vocal and loves telling stories to everyone.

tomorrow, amelia is having her first "date" with caedmon, a new friend.  we may even get scandalous and take them to target. 

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