Thursday, January 6, 2011

what i carry

my lovely husband wrote a post about what he carries each day.  looking over our lists, i don't think our daily lives could be any different.

i carry a 15 lb, 12 oz baby around.

i normally carry chapstick in my pockets.

in the diaper bag:
granola bar
hand sanitizer
rash cream
more hand sanitizer
change + a few dollars
hair ties
bobby pins
1-2 snappis
changing pad
disposable changing pad
disposable wipes (just in case)
baby headband
change of baby clothes
2-3 prefolds
extra cover
1 fitted diaper
4-5 wipes
wet bag
water spritzer
nursing cover
nursing rag
baby jacket, hat, mittens (when it's cold)
camelbak water bottle
baby tylenol
musical snail (when we'll be out for awhile)
extra paci (when i can find one)

in the car seat:
2 blankets (one MUST be the white/swaddler one)
linking rings with teether + mr cow attached

in the car:
moby wrap
extra mom shirt
extra toy
extra blanket

i wonder if he's ready to pack this darn thing up everyday?
what do you carry?

1 comment:

Chris said...

you have a long list too ;)

soon i'll be home to help you carry the near 16lb-er.