Thursday, January 6, 2011

disposable dilemma

amelia has had a yeast diaper rash for 8 weeks now.  we have tried nystatin, oral nystatin, active yogurt (both by mouth and slathered on her parts), sun, bleaching the diapers, tea tree oil on the diapers, and airing it out, but the rash keeps coming back. 

overnight last night, her rash got even worse, so i put her in disposables this morning.  i think i died a little inside and i'm having a really hard time adjusting to the change.  so far, she hasn't shown any discomfort.  i had really hoped to not have to use disposables, but i fear the yeast just keeps multiplying in the cloth diapers.  until i can get rid of the rash and properly treat EVERYTHING her parts come into contact with, she'll have to stay in disposables.

both chris and my family are supportive of this move, but i can't help but feel like i've failed a little.  sigh.

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Cameron said...

You did not fail! You're doing great! Isis got a really bad diaper rash with cloth, too, although it wasn't yeast. We had to strip the diapers. You may want to do that before you do start putting her in them again. Even if it didn't cause it, it could just help make sure they're good & clear for her.

But Isis wears disposables from time to time. When she goes in the nursery at church, so has to wear them. And then if I ever put her in jeans, she has to wear one. Although I do that rarely because it's not a necessity. But church is obviously once a week.

But yeast diaper rash sounds horrible!! Poor little baby bottom! Hope it clears up soon!!