Thursday, January 13, 2011

sick sickly

Amelia has been sick this week and boy has it been a difficult process.  I've never been on this side of the sick process (even Chris has never really been sick around me) and it's very hard to watch her suffer.

She woke up on Saturday sniffling and it went downhill from there.  She was clammy and by Sunday, she was coughing and sneezing every 3 seconds.  Her condition continued to worsen and, on Tuesday, I took her to the pediatrician.  I hate feeling like one of those worrisome moms, but she could barely breathe and I was having to aspirate her nose all the time.

Dr Wilkes said she had a severe chest cold.  Since her lungs aren't matured yet, she is unable to bring up the mucous and she had the potential to develop bronchitis or pneumonia if left untreated.  He prescribed her a baby z-pack and recommended she sleep upright.

She's improved since then -- she even went in her jumperoo last night for a bit.  Her poop is slowly going from orange back to normal. 

Words cannot describe the helpless feeling I have when she's hacking up a lung and all I can do is hold her.  I think the best thing for her (aside from the killer antibodies & antibiotics) has been holding her constantly.  I wish I could give her crackers and Sprite.

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Chris said...

You're doing great. Pernaps I'll catch a nasty cold so you can see me sick. P.s.- I like crackers and Sprite ;)