Friday, March 11, 2011

the calm

this is the calm before the best storm ever.
chris is between germany and here and i cannot sleep.

i am excited for him to truly meet his daughter.  she is so much like him, his mannerisms, his facial expressions.  he will do so well with her.  he will calm my second-guessing of myself.  i really pledge to get out of the way sometimes and let him do it.  it will definitely be difficult, though, because it's been only me as her parent.

at diaper changes this week, i've been showing her the daddy pillow and saying dadadada.  she'll get the biggest grin on her face, pull the pillow into her head, and lick it.  that's the best form of affection she can show.  i was a little worried she wouldn't remember him since we haven't skyped, but i truly believe she will.

i worry that he will have some lingering effects.  that he'll feel inadequate, like he wasn't here to do enough.  he is the most caring husband, though, and i know it will translate into his parental role.

the sausage balls, no bakes, hashbrown casserole are all made. beer's in the fridge.  now back to killing time.  i hope this is the one and only time i'll be the portrait of a waiting wife.

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