Thursday, June 23, 2011

9 month baby Amelia

it has been ages since I last wrote on this blog, but so much has been happening.  chris' homecoming, 4 day pass, 1st block leave, san francisco, home, paternal leave.  chris went back to work today, so I hope to use this blog as a quick break from the day-to-day of being a housewife/mom.

yesterday was Amelia's 9 month birthday.  hard to believe she'll be a year in 3 short months (that's about how long chris has been home and that has gone in a flash).

her stats were:
weight: 22 lbs, 15 oz (90%)
height: 28 in (77%)
head circumference: 46.something
shots: none

  • mouth rash (drool rash, has almost cleared in a day using hydrocortisone)
  • teething progress (none erupting right now): 2 total
  • labial adhesion: totally healed
  • not at risk for autism based upon current mental milestones (babbling, mimicry, etc.)
  • developmental milestones: scooting backwards, plank position, tries to sit up, babbles constantly, points, squeals to show delight, 2 teeth almost all the way up, bangs toys, empties toy bucket, peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake, starting to turn pages in book
  • food: breastmilk 5x/day (morning, after both naps, before bed, middle of night), oatmeal & fruit for breakfast (about a shot glass portion), fruit or veg & cheese for lunch, fruit or veg and puffs for dinner.
  • sleeping: consistently takes 2 naps per day, ranging from 40 mins-2 hours (never know when it'll be long or short, though!).  wake time about 3hrs, 15 mins in between naps - sometimes longer.  still swaddled but is comfortable sleeping without it if she keeps breaking out.  0-1 wakeups per night - nurses and right back down.  generally wakes b/t 615-7.  bedtime generally 6-8 (depends on how naps were)
this stage is really fun.  her personality is starting to really shine.  she is very inquisitive, loves to read, and can play by herself on the floor for quite awhile.  her main only mode of transportation is rolling/scooting backwards.  today, she flopped from her crib, across her room, and ended up in her closet.  it takes her awhile, but she gets there.  she tries to get on hands and knees, but normally ends up on hands and toes.  no interest in pulling up, standing, or walking.  talk, talk, talks all day long.  can look/point to kitty and dada when prompted, but not mama.  says a, b, d, g, m, n, s, w, y sounds.  loves quickly moving things, like puppies and when chris zigzags towards her.  still loves to jump, use her walker, and take walks.  she is a very good traveler and loves being around people.  gets bored in the car easily and loves throwing her toys down.

her favorite toys are: dolly, stacking cups, stacking pots/pans, links, a funnel, paci, books, and teethers.  during leave, chris changed most diapers, put her down for most naps, and did all baths.  our next plans include installing a baby gate, raising her car seat straps, and setting up the baby pool.

(blogger isn't letting me post pics.)

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