Friday, April 27, 2012

tup-a-tuppy's injury

this morning, amelia and i went to toddler storytime at the library.  i like this library because it's in a different part of town than our usual one and the people are more welcoming.  it's also close to the "quiet" target store.

during the storytime, they do songs, chants, read books, and get stickers.  amelia is quite an outgoing child, but during the entire 20 minutes, she just sits there.  doesn't smile, doesn't frown, doesn't sing, etc.  i put her on my lap to do hand motions and such, but no true participation.  at first, i thought she was nervous because of all the people and other kids, but we've gone to storytimes quite often.

on our way out of the room, she kept saying "tup-a-tuppy" - which is similar to her word for strawberry, but not quite.  she kept saying it over and over and i put her down to show me what she meant.  she went over to humpty dumpty (who was not put back together) and frowned and said his name over and over.  i had never read humpty dumpty to her before, but we said the chant several times during storytime and the librarian reenacted it with a paper mache egg.  she was so worried about him and his condition.

the whole way home, she talked about humpty dumpty and i assured her he just had a owie and would be better in a few days.  when we got home, i had the bright idea to reenact the story with some big kitchen bowls and paper eyes.  we did it a couple of times, then she started crying and flew into my arms.  she was so upset that he was hurt!  hilarious!  i promised to put him away and that he was ok and just sleeping.

i guess she understands more at storytime than i thought!

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