Thursday, June 28, 2012

the new "journey"

i hate people who are into fitness, snooty people who run, fat people who don't.  there are a million different reasons or excuses for not being interested in being healthy - but mainly, i am afraid that i won't "take" to it like everyone else seems to have. 
  1. i don't like most vegetables but i can drink homemade smoothies that have them in it.  
  2. i don't like to run and can't swim, but can power walk/yoga/zumba/tread water til the cows come home.  
  3. i don't like candy.  
  4. i have a toddler that stays in bed when she's supposed to and has a regular nap and bedtime.
  5. my parents have a treadmill in the basement that faces a tv.
so tonight, i decided to start my cliched "journey" to being more healthy.  i loathe everything about that sentence.  ugh.  so smug.  but i'm getting over myself.  i threw myself a pity party since we found out in December that chris was getting deployed again.  most of my weight gain is from stress, lack of sleep, and poor eating habits due to single parenting. 

thanks to my temporary move to kentucky, my stress level is beginning to lower, i'm able to sleep more, and my mom cooks/has a plan most nights for dinner. 

so instead of a plan plan, i am just going to go with what works for now.  i enjoy watching west wing and sex and the city episodes.  one west wing is 42 minutes, two SATCs are about that long.  so either during nap or once she goes to bed, i will walk on the treadmill.  i have a number in mind - but not publishing it.  it'd make it too real.

ha.  this song just came on my itunes shuffle

Little little seeds grew into troubled trees
A sorry sorry sight between my ears.
I need to settle down and eat my troubled fruit
The sweetness of the taste will do me good.

anyway.  so tonight's specs:

42 mins
1.75 miles
22.13 mi/hr

how the in WORLD do people do an 8 minute mile?  holy cow...

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