Tuesday, May 1, 2012

may day.

amelia is obsessed with "Mary Poppins" and we must listen to the soundtrack during every trip in the car.  today, amelia and i made kites.  i cut out the pieces and she helped by coloring and "taping" the tail on.  when we were finished and i put the song on, i thought she was going to burst she was so excited.  i hung the kites in our entryway, so she can see them while playing or eating.

we also made pumpkin muffins today.  we've been making banana ones, but i was in the mood for fall.  i cannot wait for fall, normally, but this year i am especially looking forward to fall.  like seriously, bring it on.  anyhow, amelia is quite the little helper in the kitchen.  she sits up on the counter and helps pour ingredients into the mixer and is an accomplished taste tester.  today, she tasted flour, sugar, and pumpkin.  i hope i am beginning to sow the seeds for a love of baking in my little munchkin.

lately, she has become a handful around 4pm each day.  it's like she turns into a different kid.  she's had a snack, is well rested, and isn't being ignored.  today, she ran into the street twice, then threw her rice all over at dinner, then sat in a not-for-toddlers baby chair.  i'm really struggling with the street thing because i know she doesn't understand danger yet.  i shall do some research on the matter, but i'm not sure there's much i can do beyond explaining to her over and over again.

as it stands she gets two chances of running in the street before we go inside as punishment.  she knows to hold my hand and can repeat back - hand, dangerous, car, street, no-no - each time we talk about it.  sigh.  toddlerhood.

so glad it's a new month.  one month down and bring on christmas!

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