Wednesday, November 7, 2007

girls nights out

last night, ria, jen, and i went out for an impromptu movie night at carmike. i adore carmike because it's only $1.50. we saw the nanny diaries, which i was dying to see because it is one of my favorite books. i must say, i enjoyed the movie far more than i had anticipated, but several abhorrations threw me off:
  • Mr. X -- he should've been tall, dark, and handsome
  • Mrs. X -- should've been brunette
  • Grayer -- should've been younger
  • Nanny's mom -- this entire piece of the plot was not true to the book and was not needed in the movie. they should've kept her out of it and put the bohemian grandmother in instead.
  • i did like the different ending.

i thoroughly enjoyed DROOLING over a new specimen...although i will take JT Dinero anyday.


tonight was the first "dinner dames" night between jen, b, and me. i really hope this becomes a regular occurence because the dames they are a'smokin. on the menu tonight was chicken/rice casserole.

quote of the night: "how does a library work?"

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