Saturday, November 17, 2007

ole lefthander

before i began blogging this morning, i was catching up on the latest news from this week. i was disheartened to read that joe nuxhall, longtime player/broadcaster for the reds, had died this week. this is incredibly sad because i, like so many others, would fall asleep to marty and joe many a summer night.

while i prefer marty as a broadcaster, it was marty and joe's relationship that makes WLW the preferred means by which to catch a reds game...even in this day of satellite TV and chris welsh.
my dad and i would always listen to reds games in the car. we always knew it was "joe's inning" to call because there would be 10 second pauses in his talking. i always liked to think joe was more interested in the game as a fan than as a broadcaster. after being forced to listen to jeff brantley this season, i know joe will be missed even more.

the ole lefthander rounding third and heading for home...

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