Friday, November 23, 2007

NYC trip -- Sunday

Sunday was the big day for travelling around in the city.

We decided to start at the MoMA (museum of modern art). chris and i both love art, so we were hella excited to get to go here. to spare everyone the bland details, it was an AMAZING experience. we got to see everything from matisse and monet to van gogh and warhol to everything inbetween. my favorite part was seeing the george seurat exhibit because he is one of my favorite artists. what a fun time!
us at the MoMA

next, we FINALLY were able to go to the times square toys-r-us -- aka: one bigass toy store.

i went in the barbie house

i met new and interesting friends.

chris bought a huge gummy snake

all was well with the world.

then, we decided to take a ride on the always luxurious staten island ferry. the ferry takes you near the statue of liberty and from manhattan --> staten island and then from staten island ---> manhattan. we met some brilliant people and families...and then headed back to phebe's for some beer.

the bar was rockin' because the game had already started. i would have never expected to see that much orange and black in the middle of the city. but there we were. unfortunately, i didn't have enough room in my suitcase to pack my housh jersey. fortunately, they had yuengling on tap and i got to have my first (and second and third) taste of this glorious beer.

sadly, we had to leave before the game was over because we had to get me to LGA...but we had a wonderful, lovely time together.

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