Saturday, November 17, 2007

NYC trip -- Friday

FINALLY i am getting around to blogging about last weekend's trip to WP/NYC. i had a very enjoyable time and it seems to be getting harder and harder to leave chris at the end of each weekend.

Here's what happpened on Friday:
  • flights were great. i missed an earlier flight by about 5 minutes, but no worries, b/c i really do like airports. i got a great lunch/beer in concouse C at CVG.

  • met a WONDERFUL guy named bruce on the plane from CVG to LGA. he was taking his wife and daughter to NY for the weekend to catch a broadway show. they were from columbia, SC and were truly great people.

  • caught a sketchy bus from LGA to grand central. i learned all about this woman's botched plastic surgery and our bus driver offered to refer her to some miracle chinese doctor.

  • before my stop on the train, i started up a conversation with some guys about tayshaun prince. they asked me where i was from (they guessed MS or GA) because of my accent. this is noteworthy because this is the first time i have ever been asked about my accent while in NYC.

  • chris picked me up (!) and we quickly went on post for the game. let me tell was one of the most miserable experiences of my life. not only did army lose BAD to rutgers, it was about 20 degrees, with the wind coming off the hudson, in RAIN...SLEET...and SNOW. thankfully, my love is truly lovely and kept bringing me hot chocolate.
anyone who knows me knows i HATE getting my feet and jeans wet. unfortunately, i did NOT have my rainboots with me and was forced to have standing water in my shoes and water nearly to my knees; NOT a good combination. in spite of everything, i really did have a great time because i was with chris and surrounded by cadets.

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