Wednesday, September 15, 2010

39 wk update

How far along: 38w, 5d

Best of the week: being homebound
Worst of the week: being homebound
Symptoms:  headache, lower back pains, cramping, swelling, sore hands, leaking, reflux

All About Amelia
Movement: active after meals, but lots of sleeping
Position: head down, +1 or +2 station
Last weight: 6lbs, 12 oz! (taken 9/2)
Growth developments: putting on fat.
Last heart rate: baseline 145, accels to 160s

Mamacita's Details
Weight: -2.5 from pre-pregnancy weight (lost 2.5 lbs!  sigh) (taken 9/15)
Cravings: water, cold things
Fundal height: 33 cm (taken 9/15)
What I Miss: Chris, sleeping a full night
Sleep: 2-3 hrs at night - no fun!
Been researching: recipes
What I purchased this week: didn't leave the house
Big news this week: Chris coming home

Coming Soon...
What I'm looking forward to: Chris coming home!
Next on the medical horizon: non stress tests 2x/wk
Dates: Chris home: ~9/18, Induction: 9/21, Due date: 9/24

Today, I saw Dr Silver again.  My BP was still the highest it's been all pregnancy (as it has been for the past week), but I am not spilling protein.  This is important because it means I have not developed pre-eclampsia.  If I were to spill protein, they would induce me rather quickly.  I have lost 2.5 lbs this week, which is surprising because I haven't left the house and have been eating Graeter's ice cream each day.

The pelvic exam revealed I was 50-60% effaced and between a 1 & 2 station, but still only dilated to 1cm.  This was welcome news because Chris isn't scheduled to get in until early Saturday.  Dr Silver was very surprised at how low Amelia is sitting - he poked her in the head again. 

The biggest news is that, due to my continued high BP, ripened cervix, and other factors, I will be induced this coming Tuesday, September 21, if I have not gone yet.  Yes - no later than Tuesday night, there will be a baby!

I cannot believe it is coming to the end of my first pregnancy.  While I have enjoyed the new experiences, I wish Chris would've been here to go through it all with me.  I am forever grateful to the inventor of Skype and to Basra's MWR & USO, as we have been able to talk daily.  However, we are 99.9999999% sure this is just the beginning of our family and hope to plan the next one a little better (or really plan it to begin with...wink).
Once Chris arrives, we plan to try all the wives tales out there to get Amelia to come out.  For the time being, I am still on house arrest except for dr visits.  However, I'm starting to crave a salad, which is problematic when you have no ingredients...

Chris Travel Update: Chris will be leaving post late Thursday morning, America time.  He will travel via Kuwait, Germany, Dallas, then C.Springs.  He hopes to get here late Friday night, but will likely be here Saturday morning.  Dear Lord, please let him get here in time!

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