Thursday, September 2, 2010

freezer meals

using the apple peeler on 10 lbs of potatoes
upon doing some research, i decided to make some freezer meals for when chris is here/my parents are here/when i'm tired out of my skull and don't want to make dinner.  little did i know what a large community there is for this type of cooking.

i started slow, making 2 entrees and a side, but plan to do more as time allows.  my logical/mathematical mind LOVED creating lists for this project, including a protein list, ingredient list, and shopping list.

i made kerry's baked spaghetti, hashbrown casserole, and (10 lbs of) mashed potatoes.  it didn't take much longer than regular baking and it's comforting to know i've got several dinner options.  i still plan to make bleu cheese burgers, jerk chicken, cheesy rice, and some muffins.

here are some of the best links i've found.

i hope to continue this process in the future, including with baby food.
anyone have any other good recipes/links for freezer meals?

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